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31 Hypnosis Techniques (The Most Comprehensive List)

Hypnotic Inductions The first step of hypnosis, a hypnotic induction is the process that a hypnotist uses to put the client into a state where they are more open to suggestion (known as trance). There are many types of inductions.   Relaxation technique Why do therapists ask to “make yourself comfortable” and provide a cushy…


What is Ericksonian Hypnosis? Definition & History

  Ericksonian Hypnosis is a method of indirect hypnosis named after Dr. Milton Erickson. A prominent American psychiatrist and psychologist, Erickson is widely regarded as the “father of hypnotherapy”. His discoveries have influenced a wide spectrum of therapy from strategic family therapy to neuro-linguistic programming. Dr. Erickson found that indirect suggestion could result in therapeutic…


Top 25 Psychotherapy Blogs in 2017

  As a professional psychotherapist, you may be wondering where you can find the best information to help improve your client outcomes and grow your practice. I’ve compiled a list of the 25 best psychotherapy blogs. Each blog was hand-picked based on the quality of content and frequency of updates (minimum once per month).   1.…


How to motivate patients with tasking

  Tasks work by creating a change in the Patient’s routine which bring about a change in the Patient’s behaviour and therefore a change in the way the problem functions. To achieve this outcome the Therapist prescribes a task for the Patient to carry out between the therapy sessions. Sometimes Patients are also or alternatively…



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Hypnotherapy with Children

Most hypnotherapists work with adult patients and rarely have the opportunity to use hypnotherapy with children. Children however, make excellent hypnotic subjects and past research indicates that they are easier to hypnotise than adults. Children have very active imaginations and are able to fantasise easily so can visualise effectively. Likewise therapeutic metaphors can be very…


Hypnotherapy skills and tips – Open Communication

When two people meet for the first time they know nothing about one another. It is the therapist’s job to be observant and ask questions to start things rolling. It is important to ask open-ended questions that elicit relevant information. Open-ended questions cannot be answered with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and usually start with ‘who, what, where, how, when…


French firefighters test hypnosis to help victims

Firefighters in France are pioneering the use of hypnosis in emergency situations. Over a six-month period they will keep a record of the heart rate, degree of pain and emotional response of the victims they help. They will then compare this data with information from previous rescue operations where hypnosis was not used. Over 120…

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