As a professional psychotherapist, you may be wondering where you can find the best information to help improve your client outcomes and grow your practice. I’ve compiled a list of the 23 best psychotherapy blogs.

Each blog was hand-picked based on the quality of content and frequency of updates (minimum once per month).


With over a dozen PhDs contributing to this blog, there’s a substantial variety in content. Some articles focus on how to handle real life client situations situations while others are actual interviews with professional psychotherapists.

Favorite post: Intuitive Therapy

2. Dr. Deb

A top psychologist and practicing psychoanalyst, Dr. Deb is know for her work in treating depression. My favorite part about Dr. Deb Serani’s blog is her use of multimedia to present information, such as videos and infographics. She is also an accomplished author. Her latest book is titled, “Depression In Later Life: An Essential Guide.”

3. Thoughts From A Therapist

Will Bishop is a therapist in Colorado who shares his thoughts online. Specific topics include: Attachment Theory, mindfullness practices, and parenting strategies.

4. Brain Blogger

Although this award-winning blog leads with a focus on health and neuroscience, it also has many PhD level contributors in other subjects. The psychotherapy specific authors include: Mr. Yourell, Mr. Kensinger, Dr. Brown, Mrs. Mori, Mrs. Behrens.

5. Psychcentral

Living up to it’s name, Psychcentral is THE central place to find blogs about mental health and psychology. In fact they have 50+ active blogs on a variety of subjects. If you count the retired ones it’s over 100.


Good Therapy’s missions is, “Helping people find therapists. Advocating for ethical therapy”. They have a massive website with hundreds of frequently updated articles. Professionals seeking new clients should apply to be included in their therapist finder tool.

7. Mark Nakell

Mark has been an individual and couples counselor with his own practice for over 30 years. He primarily writes about “life changing” events and how to deal with them.


The unique part about this website is the quizzes and self-tests. You may be able to apply some of these tests to your own patients. Also check out the “Ask The Psychologist” section.

9. Vantage Point Counseling

A Dallas based group of therapists who blog about sexual issues, relationships, and addiction.

10. The Psychology of Wellbeing

“Musings on the science of holistic wellness”
Jeremy McCarthy holds a master’s degree in applied psychology and is the author of “The Psychology of Spas and Wellbeing”.

11. Noel Bell

Noel is an accredited clinical psychotherapist based out of London. I love his tendency to “tell it like it is” on the blog. The video interviews he posts with various thought leaders are wonderful as well.

12. OCD LA Blog

The OCD Center of Los Angeles is the #1 authority blog for the latest information about obsessive compulsive disorder. The problem I find with most blogs in this area is they only cover the “Pure O” definition. But OCDLA discusses related types and disorders in depth, such as HOCD and Dermatillomania.

13. Dr. Bridgett Cantrell

With an emphasis on helping veterans and active duty service members with mental health issues, Dr. Cantrell has been the owner of a Cantrell Counseling for over 15 years, an expert witness for PTSD cases, and a published author.

14. Dr. David Allen

A blog that discusses family dysfunction and mental health issues. David Allen M.D. is the professor emeritus at the University of Tennessee Health Center and the author of two books: “How Dysfunctional Families Spur Mental Disorders” and “Psychotherapy With Borderline Patients.”

15. Psyblog

Dr. Jeremy Dean specializes in anxiety and depression by adding his commentary to the latest news and studies in these fields. He has also written several e-books on those subjects and holds three higher-education degrees.

16. Dr. Katrina Wood

Dr. Wood runs two psychotherapy centers in Los Angeles. Her blog covers a multitude of subjects with a focus on how psychotherapy relates to healing, relationships, and parenting.

17. Jodie Gale

Jodie has over 500 hours of clinical experience – a requirement for her master’s degree in Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy from Middlesex University – along with multiple certifications. Jodie has helped hundreds of women and children through her busy practice. Her blog focuses on reviewing books about relationships, body image, and psychotherapy.

18. Cobb Psychotherapy

This is a large practice based in Brooklyn, New York. With over a dozen therapists contributing to the blog, there is a constant flow of new posts. The blog is patient-centric and deals with a variety of strategies to improve conditions.

19. Psychotherapy Notes

This website is unique in that it’s dedicated to law, ethics, and news in the field of psychotherapy. It’s easy to get caught up in only reading posts about patient treatment strategies and trapping oneself in a single circle of influence. That is why practice owners read Psychotherapy Notes to learn about topics they may be less familiar with.

20. Portland Psychotherapy

There is a number of quality therapist resources on this website from referrals to resource guides to recommended books.

21. Gretchen Rubin

While Gretchen isn’t a psychotherapist per-say, she publishes relevant content on The Happiness Project. This New York Times best selling author of the book “Better Than Before” and is releasing a new book called “The Four Tendencies”, which is about using personality profiles to make other people’s lives better.

This actually has to be my favorite “listen” instead of “read” because she has a podcast where she interviews readers and experts!

22. Practice of the Practice

This website is a bit different in that it covers marketing your practice. Getting out of your comfort zone of reading strictly academic articles is important, and here is one place where you can learn to start or grow your business.

23. Progress Focused

Coert Visser blogs about “The Progress Focused Approach” to psychology. This was awarded as one of the top 100 psychology blogs as well.