Course Reviews

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Course Reviews

“I originally enrolled to gain a greater understanding of basic therapy but I found your courses so compelling I found myself developing skills I didn’t know I had!”

Emily Johnson. Nurse – USA

“Your courses gave me a huge impetus to help others and have made an essential impact on my life. Stephen is a wonderful teacher.”

Emily Williams. Drug Counsellor – Australia

“Being used to classroom training I was unsure whether I could learn as much from an online course. I need not have worried, it was actually a far better experience than I expected. In fact WOW! Thanks to this course I have already managed to help many people. I am exceedingly grateful to the BHRTI for letting me have this experience.”

Dr Andreas Schmidt. Medical Practitioner – Germany

“I had to miss the start of the course, and couldn’t attend all of the Zoom sessions, but want to thank you so much for your very professional and easy to understand course which was a joy to sail through, it’s good that all of the zoom sessions are available to view afterwards and to know that I could catch up anytime.”

Tereza Novák. Teacher – Czech Republic

“I am a Doctor working as a certified consultant and now feel better equipped to help many of my patients with the new skills you have taught me.”

Dr Priya Patel. Doctor and Acupuncturist – India

“I had to let go of some of my fixed ways of thinking, which was a challenge for me but even though I didn’t agree with everything you taught I have to admit, it was the best course I’ve done.”

Thomas Bernard. Sophrologist – France

“If you have found your way to the BHRTI either on purpose or by chance, then you are truly lucky. You have a great opportunity to learn from one of the greatest therapy training institutes in the world.”

Joel Brown. Social Worker – UK

“I am very excited to be learning technique after amazing technique and I have already learned so much!”

Selena Smith. Psychiatric Social Worker – UK

“To me your courses are an invaluable source of information and motivated me to master these amazing techniques. Thanks.”

Conor Kelly. Hypnotherapist – Ireland

“It is with gratitude that I proffer this testimonial and give my permission for the inclusion of my name. This training has been amazing.”

Paul Williams. Psychologist – UK

“I would like to say to anyone thinking about joining this amazing course that for me it was one of the best things I ever did.”

Brian Taylor. Psychotherapist – New Zealand

“Your Practitioner Diploma Course in Hypnotherapy was one of the best courses ever. A ‘must’ for every ongoing coach and therapist.”

Maria Garcia. Performance Coach – Spain

“The course introduces students to Hypnosis gradually and is clearly taught with the main ideas demonstrated in every lesson. You then have the chance to practice all of the exercises with other participants live online, which was essential.”

David Jansen. Psychiatric Nurse – Netherlands

“Your courses are much better than many courses I have been on and the quality of the teaching is superb! I can’t thank you enough for this.”

Dr Mohammad Ashraf Bhat. Medical Doctor – Pakistan

“I am so glad I found your training institute. I have learnt more on your courses than I have in years of training.”

Julia Melnyk. Relationship Counsellor – Ukraine

“I have spent thousands of dollars to try and learn the secrets of Ericksonian hypnosis, then I discovered Stephen Brooks amazing course. Suddenly it all made sense. I wish I had found you earlier!”

Elizabeth Jones. Therapist – UK

“BHRTI courses are unreal, what more can I say! Absolutely fantastic. The people were amazing. There was one student I didn’t get on with, but I guess that happens in life as well. Apart from that – a life changing experience.”

Maria Martin. Hospital Administrator – Belgium.