How does hypnosis work?

Ericksonian Hypnosis utilises naturally occurring trance states to help client’s overcome problems. Born largely out of fear and misrepresentation, there has traditionally been widespread skepticism about hypnosis and how it can help with all kinds of physical and psychological problems. However thanks to recent discoveries in neuroscience, we are now understanding more about how and…


Hypnosis for Motivation – the Best Techniques (Number 1 – Tasking)

Every therapist faces the problem of having clients with low motivation. Yet, therapists are rarely taught how to specifically motivate clients to achieve outcomes. Most training is based on using therapy techniques to overcome problems, however, if the client is unmotivated to get better then therapy techniques are not as effective. One approach to motivating…


The Secret of Hypnosis

  An Article about how techniques for inducing hypnosis have changed over the years – from the Independent Newspaper, England by John McCrone. Hypnosis can be explained as a form of self-induced sensory deprivation…well perhaps. Hypnotists with swinging fob watches are out. Far more effective ways of putting people into a trance have been discovered…


Become an Expert on non verbal communication

  When a Patient attempts to give you information he is likely to have thought out very carefully what he wants to say prior to the session. Usually this is based on what he thinks you want to hear. When you meet your Patient there will be certain things that you will want to hear…


How to know when someone is going into hypnosis

  Trainee hypnotherapists need to know when someone is going into trance or is already experiencing hypnotic trance, because when people go into hypnosis many changes occur, and the hypnotherapist needs to utilise these changes. These changes should always be noticed instantly by the observant therapist. These changes are called Minimal Cues. These are the…


Stephen Brooks Hypnosis Techniques – TAKING THE PATIENT’S HISTORY

  Taking the Patient’s History. Information gathering is an important stage in the therapy session and it is also an ideal time to build rapport and build trust. This Unit will teach you how to approach this. The presenting problem may not be the real problem. Sometimes, when Patients enter therapy, they may be afraid to talk…



This is a video lecture from the BHRTI online course. The online course runs for one year and is available for free to all students undertaking our August Summer School. For students wishing to take the online course as a distance learning course it is available to purchase here.


How post hypnotic suggestions work in therapy

  Some people have been asking me about how post-hypnotic suggestions work and how to use them etc. So here is my experience gathered over the years… Post hypnotic suggestions are given to the Patient while they are in trance and suggest that an outcome or new behaviour will occur post- hypnotically after trance is…


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