New MOTHERS-TO-BE are being offered the chance to learn self-hypnosis techniques to help them through labour.

The natal hypnotherapy workshops run by South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in the UK focus on relaxation techniques to help women feel calm, in control and fully prepared for the birth of their child.

Those opting to take part will be taught about natural ways to reduce pain during childbirth, self-hypnosis skills to overcome any fears or anxieties and effective breathing and relaxation techniques.

It’s about time all hospital and anti natal clinics realised that hypnotherapy can be of significant benefit in childbirth, not just for pain control but for coping with anxiety and also for recovery.  I am delighted when I hear great news like this but wish that the medical profession would move a little faster in its acceptance and application of hypnosis in such an important area.

Stephen Brooks

via New hypnotherapy service offered to mums-to-be (From The Northern Echo).