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Ideo-motor signalling: hypnosis technique

By The British Hypnosis Research & Training Institute|2017-01-24T08:34:34+07:00December 26th, 2016|Blog, Hypnosis training|

In Ericksonian hypnotherapy, ideo-motor signalling is the name given to a technique whereby a movement of the Client’s finger is used to signal an unconscious communication  –  typically a yes or no response. I often

Video: Insertive Eye Contact

By The British Hypnosis Research & Training Institute|2018-11-30T15:46:03+07:00December 21st, 2016|Blog, Hypnosis training|

In this video I explain a technique that I developed to hypnotise someone in a conversations using eye movements. The technique is very subtle and indiscernible to the client. What's more, even if you tell

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