The Education Board

The Education Board oversees the various courses offered by the British Hypnosis Research and Training Institute. It is also responsible for setting and monitoring the strict code of ethical standards that the institute follows.

The board comprises academics and medical professionals all personally trained by BHRTI Founder Stephen Brooks and all vastly experienced in both the theory and practical application of Compassionate Ericksonian Hypnosis as a medical and psycho-therapeutic approach.

The current board members are as follows:

Dr. Jose Luis Sanchez Izquierdo

Dr Izquierdo is a distinguished academic holding a BSc in Psychology from Mannin University Dublin, a MSc in Physics from Barcelona University Spain and a PhD from Toulouse University in France.

Dr Izquierdo holds diplomas in Hypnotherapy from the National College of Psychotherapy and Hypnosis in the UK, Post Graduate Diplomas in Indirect Hypnosis from the BHRTI and a Diploma in Hypnosis from the Atkinson-Ball Corporation UK. He is a Certified Master Practitioner in NLP trained by Richard Bandler and has numerous certificates in specialised areas of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy & NLP from the USA, UK and Spain.

Dr Izquierdo runs a private practice in psychotherapy in Salamanca, Spain and lectures on specialised areas of hypnosis in Madrid. He is President of the Asociacion Espanola de Hipnosis and is author of the forthcoming book, ‘Hipnosis Clinica’ – a major publication about hypnosis in the Spanish language.

Dr Matthias Kaiser PhD

Dr Kaiser is based in Germany. He received a masters in education in 1987 and a Ph.D. in linguistics in 1992 from the University of Leipzig. He was awarded a postdoctoral grant in cognitive science and artificial intelligence at the department for cognitive studies at the University of California at Berkeley and the International Computer Science Institute at Berkeley. From 1994 to 1997 Dr. Kaiser worked as senior research scientist at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence. From 2006 to 2008 he was asked to conduct research as a guest scholar at Stanford University. Dr. Kaiser trained with Stephen Brooks to achieve a Master Practitioner Diploma in Indirect Hypnosis. Today he is a practicing hypnotherapist and coach and author of a forthcoming book on the work of Stephen Brooks.

Dr Mansoor Ali Beg

Dr Beg graduated in Microbiology (Honors) in 1997 from the University of Karachi and received certification in Alternative Medical Systems. In 1999 he was awarded a Diploma in Acupuncture and became an MD with Open International University for Complementary Medicine (OIUCM) in Sri Lanka.

Dr Beg completed a four year Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Science course conducted by the National Council for Homeopathy under the Ministry of Health Pakistan.  As a registered Homeopathic Doctor, he enrolled in the Tibb Naturopathic Medical College and completed a four year course run by the National Council for Tibb at the Ministry of Health in Pakistan where he qualified as a registered Unani Naturopath. He also holds an MBA from the University of Pakistan.

Dr Beg qualified in the theory and principles of Ericksonian Hypnotherapy with the BHRTI and employs hypnosis as a tool for psychotherapy and counselling in his private practice.

Dr Suren Surenthiran, FRCP, FRCS, MSc MD

Dr Surenthiran is a consultant Neuro-otologist and medical hypnotherapist. He studied Medicine at King’s College Hospital, London and did most of his postgraduate medical education in London and Manchester. Dr Surenthiran is recognised as one of the UK’s leading specialists in the management of balance disorders.

He is a medical hypnotherapist who has studied Indirect Hypnosis and Buddhist Psychotherapy under the personal guidance and supervision of Stephen Brooks. Dr Surenthiran uses Indirect Hypnosis regularly in his practice with patients and firmly believes in its value and effectiveness in the management of a wide range of medical and psychological conditions.

Dr Andrew Bradford MD

Dr Andrew Bradford MD is a medical doctor specialising in positive psychology. He holds a doctorate in medicine from the University of Dundee and a Practitioner Diploma in Indirect Hypnosis and has worked as a hospital based physical rehabilitation consultant within the NHS. He has studied a range of complementary and therapeutic approaches to managing both physical and psychological illness and has undertaken a broad based training in a range of hypnotic psychological interventions including degrees in a range of medical and rehabilitation related subjects. He has trained in clinical hypnosis, positive psychology, provocative therapy, solution focused therapy and NLP with over 20 years of study within this area.