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Code of Ethics and Privacy Policy

The question of ethical practice in hypnotherapy is paramount and a matter on which the Institute places emphasis. The key principles are summarised below and in our full Code of Ethics.

  • The highest standards of personal integrity are expected of students and graduates, at all times.
  • Students and graduates have a responsibility always to promote the dignity, privacy, autonomy and safety of all patients, clients and others with whom they come into contact.
  • Students and graduates should avoid any action which places the patient or client at risk.
  • All members of the hypnotherapy profession have an individual responsibility to maintain their own level of professional competence and each must strive to improve and update their knowledge and skills.
  • Students and graduates must acknowledge the boundaries of their competence and the limit of their experience.
  • Students and graduates agree to only use the skills taught on the course in contexts for which the skills are taught.
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