Hypnotherapy techniques

Communicating with the Unconscious Mind

By The British Hypnosis Research & Training Institute|2017-07-04T07:47:22+07:00September 16th, 2016|Blog, Hypnotherapy techniques|

  In Ericksonian hypnotherapy there is pre-supposition that the client has a conscious and an unconscious mind. Of course this is only a model, but nevertheless a useful working model for therapy. This model has

Approaches to Hypnosis and Stuttering

By The British Hypnosis Research & Training Institute|2017-01-24T10:17:50+07:00August 14th, 2016|Blog, Hypnotherapy techniques|

In many cases stuttering may have been caused by some early experience, but has now become a learned strategy. If you disrupt the strategy by inserting a distraction step then you will break the pattern,

Age Regression

By The British Hypnosis Research & Training Institute|2018-11-28T12:52:17+07:00May 10th, 2016|Blog, Hypnotherapy techniques|

Age regression is the reliving of an early life experience with no conscious awareness of any future realities beyond the time frame being experienced and some Clients are able to experience a total reliving

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