London courses in hypnosis

An opportunity to discover or develop your skills in Ericksonian hypnosis with the British Hypnosis Research and Training Institute.

7th October 2017
1 weekend
12 CPD Credits awarded for this course


Birkbeck College, Malet Street, London.   View map





An intensive weekend training seminar at Birkbeck College Central London. 

Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th October 2017 

An opportunity to discover or develop your Ericksonian hypnosis skills with the British Hypnosis Research and Training Institute. 


  • Learn to use indirect hypnotic induction techniques.
  • Learn to use hypnotic language skills and indirect suggestion.
  • UItilise N.L.P. techniques and communication skills.
  • Work effectively with resistant patients and clients.
  • Learn to elicit hypnotic phenomena – age regression etc.
  • Learn how to implant post hypnotic suggestions covertly.
  • How to build strong rapport with your patients and clients.
  • How to present ideas and suggestions persuasively. . . . and much more.


What You Will Learn

The Hypnotic Process – Induction, Utilization, Termination

  • Classical hypnotic inductions and their limitations.
  • The dangers and ethics of using “indirect hypnosis”.
  • Measuring the depth of trance – is it possible?
  • Past life regression – what is the evidence?
  • Four ways to terminate trance.

Indirect Hypnotic Induction Techniques – ways to induce trance without mention of hypnosis

  • How to hypnotize someone during a conversation.  
  • How to fix someone’s attention without their knowing.
  • How to hypnotize one person whilst talking to another.
  • Four ways to induce trance non-verbally.
  • Inducing trance with confusion.
  • Utilizing someone’s natural state of absorption to induce trance.

Recognizing and Utilizing Natural Trance States

  • Why you cannot fail when using Ericksonian Hypnosis.
  •  Why you should feel confident to practice on your colleagues.
  •  The 20 tell-tale signs of hypnotic trance .
  • How to utilise the Ten Natural Trances.

Hypnotic Language and Indirect Suggestion

  • How to develop an “Acceptance Set” for your ideas.
  • How to ask for one thing to get another.
  • Double Binds and six ways to give an illusionary choice.
  • How to imbed a command within a sentence and influence the other persons behaviour.
  • How to make a person follow your lead with “Contingent Suggestions”.
  • How you can overload the other persons conscious mind to accept your ideas.

Working with resistant patients and clients

  • How to recognize good hypnotic subjects.
  • Why the first few moments are so important.
  • How you can copy the other persons mannerisms to get them to like you.
  • Relaxing the other person and influencing their physiology.
  • Handling the awkward person and utilizing their resistance.
  • Why you should try and feel like the other person.
  • How to build rapport and get commitment.

NLP Techniques and Vital Cornrnunication Skills.

  • How to make someone expect to go into trance
  • How to appear to read someone’s mind from their body language.
  • How to change someone’s memory.
  • Powerful techniques to boost confidence.
  • Learn to anchor, condition and trigger responses.
  • Why you should talk in someone else’s language.
  • Reframing and getting people to look on the positive side.
  • Future Pacing and rehearsing the future.

Using Hypnotic Phenomena in Everyday Life

  • How to induce an amnesia in someone during a conversation.
  • How to make someone remember something they thought they’d forgotten.
  • How to make time speed up and slow down.
  • How to make a person gradually regress to childhood.
  • Producing anaesthesia and reducing pain.
  • How to make someone see things that are not there – make things seem invisible and believe anything you tell them.

Influencing someone’s future behaviour with Post-hypnotic Suggestions

  • Using trigger words to make someone perform an act.
  • How to give someone a post-hypnotic suggestion during an ordinary conversation.
  • Using time as a signal to trigger a particular behaviour.
  • Inducing trance at a later date with a simple suggestion.
  • How to make a person do one thing as a result of doing something else.

How to apply these techniques after the seminar

  • How to structure a personal “at home” training programme for yourself.
  • How to develop the confidence to hypnotize your colleagues, clients and patients.
  • How you can learn further skills – future courses etc.
  •  What books to read – what part of the training did you find most interesting?


Course Tutor

ericksonian hypnosis trainingJos Van Boxtel is a hypnotherapist with an established practice in Utrecht in the Netherlands. He has considerable experience of applying EricksonianHypnosis, NLP, EMDR, Neurosemantics and Solution Focused Therapy with a wide range of problems with over 1000 clients. He holds qualifications at Master Practitioner level in hypnotherapy and NLP. He is co-author with BHRTI founder Stephen Brooks of a forthcoming series Ericksonian case studies due to be published in 2017. Jos is the tutor for the BHRTI Ericksonian Hypnosis University Summer School course in London.


How you will Benefit from this Course

Innovative Communication Skills to improve your profession. . . This training is designed for professionals who wish to incorporate hypnosis into their main professional framework but who are concerned about using hypnosis in the formal sense because of the fear or scepticism often attached to the phenomena by members of the public.

Ericksonian hypnosis is indirect and so allows professionals to employ hypnotic techniques covertly in their everyday work without any formal mention of hypnosis or resistance from patients, clients or colleagues. If you are involved in any kind of work where effective communication is essential then you will find this training invaluable.


Who Should Attend

If you are a psychologist, psychotherapist, doctor, social worker, nurse, dentist or family therapist you will find this training invaluable. Maybe you are working in one of the other caring professions or intending setting up in private practice. Whatever your needs you will find this training persuasive and successful for achieving outcomes in patients and clients. This course is recognised for CPD (Continuing professional development) credits.


What previous trainees have said.

“For me, your hypnosis course is extremely interesting, fascinating and a great challenge”.  Psychotherapist.

“I certainly feel an understanding of Ericksonian Hypnosis would prove a remarkable effective form of communication which would enrich any therapeutic relationship “. Psychiatric Nurse.

“I have attended several training workshops and courses led by the BHRTI. The work is imaginative, skillful and healing”. Doctor.

“As a result of my training, I now know more about myself than I did before. I only wish more and more psychologists and psychotherapists would take a greater interest in this creative art, namely Ericksonian Hypnosis and Psychotherapy”. Psychologist.


Course Location – Birkbeck College, Central London

Birkbeck College is right in the centre of London and so easily accessible from anywhere in London or other parts of the country. Ideally placed for students travelling in from other parts of the UK or other countries and convenient for local sightseeing, the British Museum and London’s lively West End for the evenings.

For students needing cheap and clean accommodation while attending the course we recommend Trip Advisor or Air BnB for hotels or private accommodation.


Enrolment & Payment

Dates: Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th April 2017

Time: 9.30am – 5.30pm

Location: Birkbeck College, Malet Street, Central London.

Nearest tube: Russell Square, Goodge Street, Euston Square, Tottenham Court Road.

Enrolment: Please enrol as soon as possible, we are anticipating a huge demand for places.

Course fee: £285.00

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