Stephen Brooks – Live Streaming Interactive Online Practitioner Diploma in Buddhist Psychotherapy Starting January 2021 (5 weekends) – Join Now!

Live Streaming Interactive Online Practitioner Diploma in Buddhist Psychotherapy Starting January 2021

(The first 10 people to enrol will have the chance to receive therapy from Stephen as part of the course).

Stephen Brooks Live Streaming Interactive Practitioner Diploma in Buddhist Psychotherapy – A Way of Living And Healing

  • A skill based training taught through live presentations, therapy demonstrations with group participants and student exercises
  • Format: A 5 weekend streaming training course held one weekend per month
  • Dates: 30/31 January. 27/28 February. 27/28 March. 24/25 April 2021. 29/30 May 2021.
  • Times: 9.00am – 4.00pm (GMT)

Stephen Brooks

Introduction by Dr Matthias Kaiser Ph.D (Linguistics), Post Doctoral Fellow in Cognitive Science – University of California Berkley and Stanford University Palo Alto.

It’s a well known story within the therapy community. Stephen Brooks gave away his house, car and all of his possessions in the 1990’s to spend 8 years meditating by a waterfall in the jungles of northern Thailand. He gave up his successful life in London to discover if Buddhist teachings could be integrated with western psychotherapy. After eight years of mindfulness meditation he discovering the answer and decided to make his teaching available again in the west so he could share this wisdom with us.

Since then, his highly effective way of interacting with people has been researched and thoroughly tested and has been shown to produce dramatic results in others in only an hour of conversation or teaching, including freedom from long term problems. Stephen’s approach to living is an amazing blueprint for living a happy and stress-free life.

What You Will Get

You will experience Stephen working live with online course participants who are seeking a happier life and he will explain in detail what he is doing during his conversations and interactions. This is a fully immersive experience where you will witness Stephen transform people’s lives with his wise and compassionate teaching followed by the chance to practice the skills and therapeutic interventions with other students in online live Zoom exercise sessions. You will become an integral part of the experience yourself as you contribute to the analysis of Stephen’s techniques and skills and it promises to be a truly life changing experience.

Course Structure

Stephen’s approach to Buddhist Psychotherapy is based on the Buddhist principles of compassion, loving kindness and non attachment integrated with the skills and techniques of modern day psychotherapy, especially the utilisation of naturally occurring trance states as pioneered by Milton H Erickson.

Stephen will teach you the essential therapeutic skills and principles of Buddhist Psychotherapy and you will watch him working live in full online therapy sessions. You will then discuss in groups what happened in each session and break down everything Stephen did, step by step. Then Stephen will break down each session in more and more detail. As your understanding evolves over the period of the course, patterns will emerge as you take on the skills and principles yourself. You will start to understand the Buddhist approach and concepts being applied, and why it works as a therapy when combined with naturally occurring trance and meditative states. As the course progresses you will discover a blueprint of the way Stephen works and be able to use it for yourself. Then as you develop more confidence and competence in Buddhist Psychotherapy you will have the opportunity to do full Buddhist Psychotherapy sessions with other students in online exercise groups.

  • FLEXIBLE PAYMENT OPTIONS (Pay in full, or with a 10% deposit and balance when you start, or in 10 monthly instalments).
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In 1977 at the last Black Hat Ceremony held to bless all sentient beings, His Holiness the 16th Gyalwang Karmarpa of Tibet planted the seeds of compassion and wisdom in the heart of Stephen Brooks and raised him above the lower realms of existence for seven lifetimes. Many years later in the 1990’s in the jungles of northern Thailand, the seeds of compassion and wisdom grew from within, and Stephen created a new approach to therapy integrating Buddhist principles and values with modern day psychotherapy.

The Buddha has given you these words so you may heal others and you will teach his wisdom over seven lifetimes.

— His Holiness the 16th Gyalwang Karmarpa of Tibet to Stephen Brooks (1977).

Buddhist Psychotherapy changes the way that thoughts and feelings affect each other. It offers freedom from trauma, worries and negative emotions effortlessly and without relapse. The changes are recognizable and dramatic. You will experience this with Stephen on this course.

Who Should Attend

The course is open to anyone with a heart to heal and a willingness to commit to their own personal development for the benefit of others. Members of the public, Buddhist and non-Buddhist, including people from the caring professions, therapists, psychologists and educators are most welcome.


You will be awarded a Practitioner Diploma in Buddhist Psychotherapy

Location etc

  • Format: This is a live streaming interactive online training.
  • Dates: Weekends: 30/31 January. 27/28 February. 27/28 March. 24/25 April 2021. 29/30 May 2021.
  • Times: 9.00am – 4.00pm (GMT) each day.

Be happy and others will be happy too – Stephen, you already have happiness in your heart, this is your greatest gift.

— His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Stephen Brooks (1993).

Course Fee and Enrollment

Live Streaming Online Practitioner Diploma In Buddhist Psychotherapy – A Way Of Living And Healing

Your Investment: £2,600.00

Paid for either in full, or with a 10% deposit and balance on starting or with 10 equal monthly instalments.

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As this is a live streaming course places are limited. If you have any questions please email us here

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