17th August 2019


Course 2

Practitioner Diploma in Compassionate Hypnotherapy 

Level Two: Certificate in Compassionate Therapy  (the psycho-therapeutic strategies and creative interventions of Milton H Erickson) 


Location: Birbeck College, University of London, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HX, United Kingdom

Dates: Saturday 17th to Sunday 25th of August 2019 (9.30am – 5.30pm)


Stephen Brooks

Your trainer is Stephen Brooks. Over the years Stephen has become one of the most respected hypnotherapists in the world, well known for his insight, compassion and relaxed conversational way of helping people overcome challenging problems. He has taught many of the biggest names in hypnosis and therapy today and his courses have run in over 20 hospitals and universities at the cutting edge of hypnosis training both practically and academically.



What You Will Get

This course is the second level of our Practitioner Diploma in Compassionate Hypnotherapy. It can be taken as a stand alone course in therapy (Certificate in Compassionate Therapy) or taken together with the first level (Certificate in Compassionate Hypnosis).

The third level (Certificate in the Theory and Principles of Compassionate Hypnotherapy) is included in the price of the second level and is an online course you can study at home.

By the end of the second level (this course) you will have developed a compassionate, empowering and hypnotic state of being, allowing you to help people grow, change and heal using Ericksonian therapy techniques in a compassionate and caring way.










Who should attend?

This course is specially designed for people working in healthcare professions like psychotherapists, psychologists, doctors, nurses, and social workers. It is also an excellent way for people working in different fields like education, management or entertainment to learn to communicate more effectively. Some people take this course as a part of their own personal development.

Anyone who has completed the first level of our Practitioner Diploma in Compassionate Hypnotherapy or has an equivalent level of training, knowledge or experience can apply.


Course content

This course has a unique concept of multi-level learning; acquiring principles, concepts and structures at the conscious level while developing intuitions, experiences, and creative strategies at the unconscious level.


Every course day will include:

  • Presentations of Ericksonian hypno-therapeutic principles, techniques and language patterns
  • Live demonstrations of compassionate hypnotherapy in front of the group
  • Short and playful exercises to practice specific skills
  • Brainstorming sessions to generate new ideas, pathways and possibilities
  • Structured exercises to practice hypno-therapeutic techniques and skills in a compassionate way
  • Integrative exercises to practice full hypnotherapy sessions for a wide range of problems


Here is an overview of the topics covered in this course.

All elements from the first level (hypnosis) course will be reviewed and integrated with the skills, techniques and interventions of this course.

The Ericksonian principles as taught on the first level course are taken to the next level on this course. You will learn to express these principles through skills and techniques and be able to internalise them as a natural state of being.

  • Observation-Utilisation
  • Conscious/unconscious dissociation
  • Automatic/unconscious change and healing
  • Unconscious resources and solutions
  • Multilevel communication
  • Naturalistic trance and change
  • Client individuality
  • Natural ability to go into trance, change and heal
  • Therapist flexibility and creativity

In this training you will learn advanced techniques of rapport building and discover how to lift rapport from the level of doing to the level of being.

  • Creating a Yes-set and reverse Yes-set
  • Cross-matching body language, breathing, voice tone
  • Matching words, phrases, expressions
  • Matching thinking style (metaprograms)
  • Utilising beliefs, values and needs
  • Developing a rapport state-of-being

You will learn advanced ways to acquire high quality information.  Apart from asking the right questions we will explore the delicate balance between information gathering and rapport building.

  • Advanced metamodel questions
  • Questions about meaning, identity and mission
  • Metaphors, analogies to elicit unconscious information
  • Observe nonverbal or delayed responses to questions
  • Shaping questions with body language, voice tone and breathing
  • Using paradox: telling the client to hold back information
  • Allow spontaneous sharing through deep rapport.

This course will teach how to put even the most critical people into trance by being flexible and by utilising the client’s responses. You will learn how to develop a hypnotic state-of-being, making trance an easy and natural response to your presence.

  • Verbal induction: self-suggestion
  • Utilisation induction; utilising feelings, tension, scepticism, symptoms
  • Confusion: spatial, temporal, sensory, linguistic
  • Nonverbal inductions: handshake, arm levitation
  • Visualisations: Brooks Old Master induction
  • Metaphorical inductions: using stories, anecdotes, analogies etc.

You will learn advanced forms of hypnotic language (Milton language) for bypassing the limited and critical conscious mind and stimulating the unconscious mind.

  • Multi-level communication
  • Embedded and interspersed suggestions
  • Implication and presupposition: verbal and nonverbal
  • Complex binds and double binds
  • Ambiguity, paradox, puns, jokes
  • Serial suggestions
  • Linking: present to desired states, goals to values/needs
  • Advanced multi-level communication
  • Multiple embedded metaphors/analogies
  • Advanced posthypnotic suggestion

You will learn an advanced set of skills to be used during trance induction and therapeutic intervention.

  • Advanced observation and utilisation of minimal cues
  • Recognise clients’ metaphors (verbal and nonverbal)
  • Advanced pacing and leading
  • Evoke and direct symptoms
  • Symptom prescription, displacement or transformation
  • Identify and utilise values, beliefs, needs.
  • Seeding ideas
  • Multisensory anchoring of states
  • Jump logical levels
  • Advanced ideomotor signalling
  • Advanced reframing: Sleight of Mouth

You will learn master interventions from Ericksonian hypnotherapy, NLP and Solution Focused Therapy for solving specific psychological, emotional or social problems.

  • Multiple Mirror technique
  • Regression/revivification therapy
  • Timeline therapy
  • Solution Focused Therapy (Miracle question)
  • Brooks Cellular Healing therapy
  • Embedded metaphors/analogies
  • Tasking

Therapeutic Application

The interventions in this course are designed to help people with a large range of issues including anxiety disorders, complex eating disorders, psychosomatic symptoms, substance abuse, depression, OCD, PTSD, insomnia, relationship problems, sexual dysfunction and pain.

The severity of the problems or symptoms you can treat will of course depend on your general knowledge and experience as a coach, counsellor or therapist as well as your current area of expertise.

People not working in a healthcare environment often use this course to boost their communication skills or to make a leap in personal growth.



By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Establish deep rapport, creating an atmosphere of safety and trust
  • Acquire high quality information in a safe, respectful and effective way
  • Utilise hypnotic states to create profound chance in clients
  • Use advanced hypnotic language to resolve problems in any therapeutic field
  • Use advanced hypnotic interventions for various symptoms, disorders and goals
  • Transform your own fears/doubts/symptoms into resources
  • Unleash your own unconscious potential and wisdom




Our courses are recognised by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council and graduates can apply for membership of their Register on completion of our three level training. In line with minimum face to face training hours required for membership to the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR) you are required to have a Practitioner Diploma in Compassionate Hypnotherapy to be eligible for membership. After two years in practice you can also apply for Advanced Practitioner status with the GHR.


Discounted course fees

The three levels of training make up our complete Practitioner training and most people sign up for the complete training at the outset as this is much cheaper than paying for each level separately. For students not wanting Practitioner status, each level can be taken as a stand alone course. All levels can be paid for in monthly installments.

So the course fees are as follows:

  • Practitioner Diploma in Compassionate Hypnotherapy (three levels): £3800.00 in 10 monthly payments of £ 380.00.
  • OR
  • Level 1 only (Hypnosis course): £2600.00 in 10 monthly payments of £ 260.00.
  • Level 2 only (Therapy course): £2600.00 in 10 monthly payments of £ 260.00.
  • Level 3 only (Online course): £1975.00 in 10 monthly payments of £ 197.50.

Signing up for the complete Practitioner Diploma course at the outset represents a saving of £3375 and you will receive immediate access to the online course as soon as you sign up, even if the first level doesn’t start for some time. So you can begin your training immediately when you sign up to the course.


Location etc

Location: Birbeck College, University of London, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HX, United Kingdom

Dates: Saturday 17th – Sunday 25th of August 2019 (9.30am – 5.30pm).

Accommodation: Cheap accommodation is available within the university or you can choose from a list of hotels in the area.


Course fee and enrollment


Practitioner Diploma in Compassionate Hypnotherapy (three levels)

Your Investment: : £3800 payable in ten installments of only £380 a month. 






Certificate in Compassionate Therapy (Level Two)

Your Investment: £2600 . Payable in ten installments of only £260 a month.



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