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A Master Class Practitioner course in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy with Stephen Brooks in Thailand

2nd July 2018
5 Days from Monday 2nd - Friday 6th July 2018
63 CPD Credits awarded for this course


Stephen Brooks


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Course , Diploma Course



Location: Phuket Thailand

Dates: 2 – 6 July 2018

Award: Master Practitioner Diploma in Indirect Hypnosis, Ericksonian Hypnotherapy and Hypnotic Language with Clients

No other training will give you the in-depth learning experience you will get on this course. You will spend 5 days in beautiful Phuket Thailand with Stephen Brooks, the world’s number one Ericksonian hypnotherapist, as he demonstrates Ericksonian hypnotherapy during full therapy sessions with course participants and analyses in depth what he has been doing in each therapy session. This will give you the opportunity to learn exactly what Stephen does to get such miraculous results.

If interested, you will have the chance to have Stephen work with you as a client as part of the training. 

  • In 1979 Stephen was the first person to offer Ericksonian hypnosis training in Europe.
  • He was a pioneer in the field of Ericksonian hypnotherapy for nearly 40 years having established training programs in over 25 hospitals and universities.
  • In 2004 he wrote and launched the world’s first one year online degree-level hypnotherapy training with over 6000 hypnotherapists now trained.
  • Many of the biggest names in hypnotherapy were originally trained by Stephen Brooks and videos of Stephen’s therapy sessions with clients have been used extensively by training organisations worldwide.

When Stephen first contacted Milton Erickson in the 1970’s, he did so with the belief that if Erickson could achieve extraordinary results with clients then he could do it too. This assumption gave him the confidence to emulate everything that Erickson did, and he used Erickson’s remarkable skills as a benchmark to become an absolute master of Ericksonian hypnosis. These days, NLP would call this modelling excellence. It’s something many have tried to do but without any great success. Stephen Brooks has lived and breathed Erickson all his life, and many people say that he’s the closest anyone has ever come to being truly Ericksonian and achieving the same degree of success with clients.

Within months of setting up his first hypnotherapy practice in the 1970’s, demand for Stephen’s innovative approach to therapy was so great that he set up practices in 6 different cities, travelling between them each day.  He then created the world’s first Practitioner Diploma in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy at St George’s Hospital in London. It was also the first time Ericksonian hypnosis had been taught in Europe. 30 years later this training still runs each year at the University of London, with one of Brooks’ protégées Jos van Boxtel, author of a forthcoming book about Stephen’s approach to Ericksonian Hypnosis, at the helm of the respected course.

Stephen has devoted his life to teaching Ericksonian hypnotherapy and thousands of hypnotherapists owe their success to him, but Stephen rarely teaches these days. He is now semi-retired and only teaches his Online Training Course and his Master Class Master Practitioner Diploma Course in Thailand where he lives.

We are inviting you to participate in this rare opportunity of training with Stephen on the beautiful and exotic island of Phuket Thailand. The course is being held in a top 5 star beach front hotel. This guarantees to be a life changing experience you will never forget.



Places are strictly limited on this course but we are offering a special discount to those who enrol early with a £350.00 deposit. 

We know that many of you have been promising yourself this opportunity for a long time, but Stephen rarely teaches these days, and there isn’t an equivalent training anywhere else in the world, so you should grab this opportunity while you can.

Watching Stephen work with different clients every day and then having him explain in detail everything that he’s doing is a once in a lifetime experience that is guaranteed to transform the way you work with clients – it’s almost like sitting at the feet of Erickson himself.


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Dates and Location

Dates: The course runs for 5 days from Monday 2nd to Friday 6th of July 2018.

Times: 9.30 am – 5.30 pm.

Location: Luxury beach front hotel, Phuket, Thailand. 

The course takes place in one of Phuket’s luxury beach hotels which is easily reached from most of the other hotels and guest houses in Phuket giving you the opportunity to choose accommodation that fits your budget.


Course Fee:

The early enrollment course fee is £2850, and you can secure your place with a £350 deposit today. You will then be invoiced for the course balance one month before the course starts. You are advised to book your flights and hotel yourself as soon as possible. Many participants choose to stay longer in Phuket for a beach holiday after the course has finished. Normal enrollment fee is £3250.


How To Apply

Acceptance on the course is subject to your application being approved and whether places are available. Early application is advised to save £400. To apply please first pay your £350 deposit below.