Brooksian Therapy - Trainer's Training 2019

BROOKSIAN THERAPY - TRAINER'S TRAINING. A 15 day course to qualify students as Practitioners and Trainers of Brooksian Therapy. Taught for a limited time by Stephen Brooks personally.

5th August 2019
The course runs for 15 days from 5 - 23 August 2019
105 CPD Credits awarded for this course


Stephen Brooks


Christs College, University of Cambridge. England   View map


Course 2


A three week course to qualify students as Practitioners and Trainers of Brooksian Therapy

With Stephen Brooks


Location: University of Cambridge. England

Dates: 5 – 23 August 2019

Course Fee: £4750.00


Qualifications: Licensed Practitioner and Licensed Trainer of Brooksian Therapy


What you will get by taking this course

This course will license you to practice as a Brooksian Therapist and Trainer. Upon successful graduation you will have the right to practice Brooksian Therapy and offer your own courses in Brooksain Therapy under license to the Association of Brooksian Therapists.
Brooksain Therapy is very different from other forms of therapy. It is innovative, clean and content free. There is no digging around in the client’s past as it is a content free process based therapy and works purely on how the client processes their perception of problems. It achieves this at an unconscious level without any conscious cognitive effort by the client.
Brooksian Therapy isn’t just about fixing problems, it’s about transforming lives.


What kind of people make the best Brooksian therapists?

• If someone is suffering, do you feel you want to help them – without giving it a second thought?
• Do you feel you have an important part to play in this world and that you want to make a difference to the lives of others?
• Are you very sensitive to other people’s feelings?
• Are you intuitive and trust your intuition enough to make decisions based on that intuition?
• Are you open minded and willing to adapt and learn rather than hang on to your earlier views?
• Can you see how one thing creates another and that all things are dependent on each other in some way?
• Do you love nature and trust its wisdom and timeless authority over our planet?
• Are you willing to give to others without expectation of anything in return?
If you answered YES to all of the above questions then you will make a wonderful Brooksian Therapist.


What kind of people make the best Brooksian Therapy Trainers?

If you are motivated to run your own training courses offering innovative therapy to therapists and health care professionals (and trainee trainers) then you are the right person to teach Brooksian Therapy. We will support you in setting up your training business and help you develop marketing and sales campaigns to take you to a new level in your professional life. We will give you all of the training materials and videos you need to teach Brooksonian Therapy professionally and be able to qualify and licence practitioners. You will have a unique and close relationship with the Association of Brooksian Therapists and other trainers and practitioners throughout the world and so be part of an expanding network of trainers on the cutting edge of modern day psychotherapy. 


How easy is it to learn and do I need previous experience as a therapist?

If you are someone who follows your heart, then learning will be effortless. If you are someone who likes to tick off boxes to make sure you get what you think you deserve then you will find learning very difficult.

An out of work office worker walked into an empty field, looked at the sun, measured the rain and tested the soil. He looked around to see what was growing naturally, and as he ran his hands along the hedgerows he could smell wild garlic, so he planted the same. Every three years he allowed the land to go fallow and he let a local farmer graze his sheep, cows and goats on the land to fertilize it. The farmer was very grateful and told everyone that this was a good man who could be trusted. Very soon he was growing the best garlic in the land and everyone came to buy it.


Is Brooksain Therapy like CBT or mindfullness training?

CBT is based on the client becoming consciously aware of what they are thinking and so then choosing what to do with their thoughts. Brooksian Therapy doesn’t need to ask clients to be aware of their thoughts and then decide what to do with them because the process happens all by itself at an unconscious level. Brooksian Therapy clients don’t need to take time out to practice being mindful because the client’s unconscious mind encourages mindfulness naturally and the client feels themselves becoming more and more aware of their thoughts and feelings, the world around them and their relationship to others without the need to sit down and practice anything.


Does Brooksian Therapy use hypnosis or age regression?

Altered states of awareness, where people drift naturally into becoming more receptive to new ideas and ways of thinking, happen naturally. Brooksian Therapy utilizes and encourages these changes in receptivity to help people learn at an unconscious level how to overcome their problems. No formal hypnotic inductions are used or required as receptivity happens naturally as part of the therapy. In Brooksian Therapy there is no need to go back to the source of a trauma and re-live it, or to de-sensitize yourself to it. The past is in the past, and although it may affect us in the present, it’s only because we haven’t yet chosen how to change the way our brain processes the past, that we become victims of it. Brooksian Therapy uses principles of non attachment to change the way that our brains process past experience. It then creates new neural pathways and synaptic connections that allow the client to become naturally more focused on the future.


Does the therapist need to ask lots of questions?

Asking lots of questions is what therapists believe they need to do to understand the client’s problems. If you intend digging around in the past to look for trauma or connections that might have caused the client’s problem, go ahead and ask lots of questions, but Brooksian Therapy doesn’t work this way. Brooksian Therapists don’t ask lots of questions, they prefer to use as much of the session time as possible to therapeutically change the way the client processes their perception of their problem and have them leave knowing that somehow something profound has happened.


Does a Brooksian Therapist offer advice?

A young boy wanted to be a carpenter, so decided to study with the best carpenter he could find. He found a master carpenter and traveled to see him. When he arrived he was shocked to find that the carpenter was over 100 years old, was deaf and dumb and extremely happy. Nothing was ever spoken between them, but as they became closer, the young boy grew to understand the world in ways he had never imagined, and they spent many hours laughing together.


What are the theories and principles behind Brooksian Therapy and what skills are required?

Brooksian Therapy is based on the principles that nothing is real so everything can be changed, compassion heals and that therapy is easy. Brooksian therapists are skilled in observation, utilization, sensitivity, compassion, commitment and certainty in themselves to help others and that clients have the unconscious ability to get better.


What happens in a typical session and who are the ideal clients?

The therapist guides the client through a series of challenges, stories and observations until the client is ready for change. Then the client receives therapy through a series of metaphors and analogies based on the principles of Brooksian Therapy. Brooksian Therapy is ideal for anyone receptive to change and can treat any problem that can be thought about or felt, except severe psychiatric illness.


How long do sessions last, how many sessions are required and how do clients feel after a Brooksian Therapy session.

Usually one hour is enough for a Brooksain Therapy session, although trainee therapists might need longer. Clients usually require no more than one or two sessions. Although you may find that some clients might want to return for top up sessions every few years throughout their lifetime. This is not because previous sessions have failed, but because they want to take the next step on their life’s journey. After a session of Brooksian Therapy clients feel different but often can’t explain why. There is a sense of knowing that something important has happened but they can’t pinpoint it because the therapist hasn’t consciously given them a set of specific things to do.


Stephen Brooks

Stephen Brooks Hypnotherapy TrainerStephen Brooks has devoted his life to teaching Ericksonian hypnotherapy and thousands of hypnotherapists owe their success to him. Over this time he evolved above and beyond what is required to only teach Ericksonina hypnotherapy and developed his own personal style based on different principles from Erickson. Being a practicing Buddhist for more than 50 years enabled him to see clients and therapy in a different light and so develop an approach based on the Buddhist principles of non attachment and compassion while still utilizing the indirect skills of an Ericksonian therapist. His approach is truly innovative and his therapy sessions empowering and fascinating to watch.

Stephen rarely teaches these days. He is now semi-retired and his work as an Ericksonian can only be experienced through his videos on our one year online course or through the work of other BHRTI trainers such as Jos van Boxtel who has modeled Stephen’s work closely.

Stephen is teaching his Brooksian Therapy course for Trainers with the intention that his work will spread via the graduates from this course and benefit many clients throughout the world. This course guarantees to be a life changing experience that you will never forget.


Qualification and CPD Credits

This course qualifies students to practice as a Licensed Practitioner of Brooksian Therapy and to teach and market courses as a Licensed Trainer of Brooksian Therapy licensed by the Association of Brooksian Therapists.


Who Should Attend

Our trainees come from many different backgrounds,  many are looking for a new career in therapy and others are already working within one of the caring professions. 


Entry Requirements

The course has been designed for anyone seriously committed to making a difference to the lives of others and who feel that Brooksain Therapy could be the right path to achieve this.

Acceptance on the course is determined by telephone interview. We will require you to pay a deposit to demonstrate your initial commitment and this will be refunded in full if we decline your application following a telephone interview. If you have any questions before applying please telephone or email us. We are very happy to talk to you. Telephone: Maria Charnock: +44 (0) 771 557 9156 or message Maria on our contact page here.


Dates & Location

Dates: The course runs for 15 days from 5 – 23 August 2019 (Monday to Friday each week with weekends as free time to enjoy Cambridge or visit London).

Times: 9.30 am – 5.30 pm (please arrive at 9.00am the first day for registration).

Location: Christs College, University of Cambridge.

Low priced accommodation is available within the university. Contact


Course fee

The course fee is £4750.00 and you can secure your place with an £350.00 deposit. You will then be invoiced for the course balance one month before the course starts.


How To Enrol

Please pay your refundable £350 deposit below to enrol and we will then contact you for a telephone interview. Thank you.

If you have any questions before you apply you can contact us here.

  • Price: £ 350.00
    A three week course to qualify students as Practitioners and Trainers of Brooksian Therapy With Stephen Brooks
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